Welcome To Authentic Panama

Breathtaking landscapes, beautiful sandy beaches, urban getaways, unique attractions, rich culture and traditions, all in one place: Panama

Metropolitan Panama, an infusion of old and new: Whether you are an urban adventurer or an outdoor aficionado, a foodie or a history buff, whether you want a family adventure or just pure fun with friends, Panama will offer you an experience so unique you will keep coming back for more.

Something for everybody: For the technology enthusiast, The Panama Canal, a 48-mile waterway that joins the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans, will offer an opportunity to see first hand one of the must impressive man made phenomenon.  Are museums your thing? The Biomuseum, the History Museum, The Natural Science Museum, The Contemporary Art Museum, and many more to choose from you will definitely find out Panama is a lot more than you anticipated.

Melting pot of races: Panama’s culture, daily life and social customs are strongly influenced by South America (specially Colombia), the Caribbean (including African influences), North America, Asia (specially China), Europe (Spain and France), and the Middle East. In addition, there are culturally distinctive territories of indigenous groups with their own languages and handicrafts.  Not a dull moment!